The original RogCAD (Roger Luebeck)

I developed my 3D CAD program from 1993 to 2001. I named my CAD program RogCAD in 1995. I originated the domain on 6/30/2000 and have owned it ever since.

I am the original rogcad (since 1995) -- not to be confused with the online chess person (whom I don't know at all) who first appeared in 2018. I last played chess in 1969.

I long ago briefly used "rogcad" in general online settings, but any occurance of "rogcad" on the Internet since 2001 is not me.

RogCAD provides computer programming and software development for a wide range of activities. RogCAD also provides website design and maintenance for third parties.

The photographs below are of me (Roger Luebeck) and my old IBM 286 with the EGA monitor. The 286 is the first computer that allowed me to display RogCAD output in color:

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