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I am the original rogcad. I named my CAD program RogCAD in 1995, which marked the beginning of the name. I originated the domain on 6/30/2000 and have owned it ever since. There is a rogcad listed on an online chess site, but it is not me. I haven't played chess since 1969. Any occurrence of the name rogcad on the Internet outside of my CAD work and my other web pages is not me.

My software :

RogCAD for DOS

RogCAD for Windows

RogCAD Girder and Panel Building Set

3D rotational insertion of models through openings

Twin Paradox of Relativity animation

Winpoet poetry generating software

Chaos / complexity graphing :
    Logistic Map
    Iterated trigonometric graphing
    Balloting graphing

Dynamic polynomial graphing with continuous amplitude damping

Mortgage table generator

Palette generator for QuickBASIC interface programming

- Roger Luebeck