RogCAD (a.k.a. Roger Luebeck) software

Three categories

RogCAD 3D CAD software goes back to 1993:

The RogCAD calculator kernel (also known as a CAD engine)
along with RogCAD subroutines have produced the following
computer programs since 1993:

RogCAD for DOS.
RogCAD for Windows.
RogCAD Virtual Girder and Panel Building Set.
RogCAD object-through-opening-analyzer

RogCAD (a.k.a. Roger Luebeck) has also 
authored the following computer programs:

Mortgage payment/term/interest comparison table generators.
Continuous amplitude-damped polynomial animation program.
Online shopping cart software (using CGI and Perl).
Palette Master for use with Microsoft QuickBASIC.
FOREBACK.bas for use with Microsoft GW-BASIC.
Left-to-right screen capture and screen set with compression.
Horizontal text scrolling.
Twin Paradox of Relativity Animation.
Logistic Map (Logistic Difference Equation) modeling.
Balloting analysis plotting.
2D and 3D iterated trigonometric modeling.
The Attractor of Henon modeling.
Sierpinski Triangle modeling.

RogCAD (a.k.a. Roger Luebeck) has also designed and maintained
websites for third parties.  This service is still available.


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Balloting pattern

Iterated Trig

Logistic Map

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